Whip-It Sv Pro-05r Black.5 Liter Aluminum Rubber Coated Cream Whipper Nib

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  • 2017-05-03 Added

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Top off your blended beverages or decadent desserts with a dollop of fresh whipped cream with this Whip-It Sv Pro-05r black.5 liter cream whipper!

This product helps minimize preparation time so you can easily enhance the look and taste of any sweet treat, as opposed to whipping cream in a mixer. Its bold black color helps it to stand out in your kitchen prep area, while the colorful design can also be used for mixing, matching, and distinguishing multiple whipped cream flavors.

This cream whipper has a professional grade anodized aluminum construction with a rubber coating which, unlike welded steel, won't deteriorate due to oxidation. With a name that is recognized for its user-friendly design and excellent performance, this Whip-It cream whipper is perfect for topping off slices of pie, cake, coffee, smoothies, sundaes, and more!

Simply pair with a N2o cartridge (sold separately), add ingredients, and you'll have a product that will taste undeniably fresher than whipped cream that's bottled in a disposable can. Get creative by using the two decorating tips that fit the plastic head for a perfect presentation that will impress your patrons. Overall Dimensions:

Capacity:.5 liters (16 oz. )

Professional grade anodized aluminum construction with a rubber coating

Reusable, environmentally-friendly alternative to disposable cans

Perfect for finishing off blended beverages and desserts with whipped cream

User-friendly design

Bold black color helps identify different whipped cream flavors

Helps minimize preparation time

Great for restaurants, ice cream shops, coffee shops, bars, and bakeries

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