Vintage Mini Easy Whip 1/2-Pint White Cream Whipper Made in Austria Rare!

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Vintage Mini Easy Whip 1/2-Pint White Cream Whipper Made in Austria Rare!

Looks unused. This 1/2-pint whipper provides you the ability to whip cream in seconds. By using this great tool you can control what goes in your cream. Use organic cream, add flavors, etc. The one use chargers are made of fully recyclable steel. Cream will keep in your refrigerator ready to dispense for up to 10 days.

Easy to use

Cream holds for up to 10 days whipped and ready to go

Hand wash recommended

Control what goes in your cream

Prepare ahead of time - great for entertaining

Some Customer Reviews

This device makes delicious fresh cream without the sugar. It's very easy to use, and I'm on my second device (i lost a part for the first one. Keep the parts together. They are expensive to replace. )The chargers (gas canisters) last without losing pressure. I hadn't used the device for a while, and the chargers were in a cabinet. They are working fine.

You have never had good whipped cream before. You just don't know it. Here's my story:I honestly thought this was a really silly piece of kitchen nonsense. I think it took us 3 years to just get around to getting the gas cartridge for it. I made gentle fun of my wife for wanting it. I think it sat in the basement for 2 years at least. I can admit when I'm wrong. I'm even writing a review as penance for my judgmental stupidity. But this thing is so awesome that I'm the one who keeps it filled now. It makes the crud you buy from the grocery store taste like drilling byproduct. Here's our recipe that makes sweet, delicious whipped cream:8 oz Heavy Cream2 T Powdered SugarMix together in bowl. Whisking doesn't seem necessary but it doesn't hurt. Pour into cream whipper. Charge with gas. Shake heartily. Consume immediately. Smile constantly.

This whipper is easy to use. The hardest part about it is in loading it; the instructions state to not overfill, so you must be careful to remove the same amount of cream that you will be using in liquid sweetener if you are using one of the coffee syrups. Probably won't matter if you're using Stevia powder or liquid. Our only difficulty is the size, it only lasts a couple days for desserts; we've already ordered the 1 pint. Since both use exactly one gas cartridge, the larger size will be more economical. The only other item to note is that you need to know the percent of fat in the cream you are using in order to shake it the necessary times. This can vary from brand to brand.

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