Used 1/2 Liter Cream Whipper w/Plastic Head

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With Whip-eez Cream Whippers you can prepare both cold and warm ingredients such as whipped cream, sauces, mousses and all those light and espuma (foam) delights. Whip-eez Cream Whippers are the best choice for the restaurant user and the serious home chef. These products will not only save you precious preparation time, but also make cleaning much faster because all food handling parts of the Whip-eez Professional Cream Whipper head can be disassembled for individual cleaning.

Whip-eez Cream Whippers are the perfect kitchen tools which whip up creams, flavored toppings and mousses in seconds. The Cream Whipper will withstand intense in home and restaurant use. This Whip-eez Cream Whipper hardened plastic head is made of high-impact plastic which make them very strong and long lasting. A decorator tip is connected to the whipper head with a metal adapter, allowing the decorator tips to be conveniently removed for cleaning while the whipper is under pressure. Every Cream Whipper is equipped with a specially designed strong and durable steel lever system allowing perfect dispensing and decorating.

Whip-eez Cream Whippers are versatile kitchen tools, they whip up creams, flavored toppings, foams and mousses in seconds! They are flexible and allow you to decorate in the kitchen, at the table or at the bar and best of all, they will keep the contents fresh up to two weeks if kept in the refrigerator.

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