Professional Automatic Whipped Cream Dispenser Whipper Stainless Steel Kitchen

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Ico Professional Whipped Cream Dispenser (1 Pint)

Enjoy fresh, preservative-free whipped cream at home with the Ico Cream Whipper! Create quality, preservative-free whipped cream and more Turn 500ml of liquid whipping cream into up to 2l of whipped cream in under 30 seconds!

Simply pour your ingredients into your Ico cream whipper, charge with 1 8g N2o charger and shake it up! Compatible with all brands of cream charger No matter which brand of charger you prefer, you can get whipping with the Ico cream whipper!

Our dispenser is compatible with: Whip-It! Cream Chargers Mosab Cream Chargers is Cream Chargers Best Whip Cream Chargers Ultra Pure whip Cream Chargers Ico Cream Chargers and many, many more!

Not just for dessert Enjoy aerated soups, savory creams, mousses and molecular cuisine all made right in your own kitchen.

Try one of the newest and most fun culinary trends in years! Top Quality Guaranteed We stand behind all our products and offer a 2-year warranty on this model.

Enjoy Fresh Whipped Cream at Home

With Impeccable Culinary Objects' whipped cream dispensers and chargers

Quick and Easy Whipped Cream

Turn 500 milliliters into up to 2 Liters of whipped cream in under 30 seconds! Perfect for topping desserts, creating cafe-style coffee drinks, and adding some fun to your menu.


With an Ico cream whipper, you will always be sure of what is in your whipped cream or other aerated preparation, allowing you to avoid stabilizers and preservatives present in store-bought whipped cream.

Not Just for Dessert

An Ico cream whipper is the ideal tool for creating savoury whipped creams, Spanish espumas, aerated soups, flavoured-infused oils or liquors, and many other delicious preparations.

Compatible with all Brands of Charger

Completely compatible with all brands of whipped cream chargers including iSi, Mosa, Liss, Kayser, Ico, Whip-It! , and many more.

500 Milliliter Aluminum Cream Whipper

Ideal for home cooks and bakers looking to add some new tricks to their kitchen. Creates up to 2 Liters of whipped cream or other preparation from 500 milliliters of liquid. Our best value whipper. Hand wash.

500 Milliliters Professional Stainless Steel Whipper

Designed for professional kitchens and coffee shops. Heat-safety tested for use in a baine-marie up to 55 C for making aerated soups and savoury creams. Dishwasher safe.

1 Liters Professional Stainless Steel Whipper

Our top-of-the-line whipper with a 1 Liter liquid capacity. Dispenses up to 4 Liters of aerated preparation. Designed for the toughest kitchen conditions and carries the same 2-year-warranty as the iSi Gourmet Whip line.

Make your own fresh whipped creams, sauces, soups and more

500ml whipper makes up to 2l of whipped cream

Manufactured from 100 Tuv certified aluminum with 2 year warranty

Includes whipper, 3 decorator nozzles, charger holder and instruction manual

Compatible with all brands of cream chargers including Mosab, Ico, Best Whip, is and many more

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