Cream Whipper Dispenser Whip-it charger N2o N20 whip.25L 250ml suede 1/2 pt Blk

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Cream Whipper Dispenser

1/2 Pint (.25 L) capacity

Black rubberized enamel aluminum

Soft "suede" feel awesome new color

With polycarbonate head

( includes charger-holder )

( silicon gasket, piston valve, cleaning brush )

( 2 straight tips, floret tip, deco cap )

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1/2 pint or.25L means total interior volume of canister. Because heavy cream ingredients will require room to aerate into whipped cream, we recommend using no more than 4 oz of liquid ingredients (1/2 full)

Note: Repeated discharging of N2o chargers may freeze the silicon seal surrounding the piercing pin and cause it to crack and leak gas. This abuse of product will void the return policy.

You must be at least 18 years of age (21 if you reside in Ohio) to purchase nitrous oxide chargers. By purchasing this product, you are agreeing that you are of required legal age to do so, and that you will not supplyitto anyone under the legal age. You also agree that N2o whip cream chargers will be used only as a food preparation product. Seller, manufacturer, and distributors of this product are not responsible for any bodily harmor property damage as a result of misuse.

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