Bravolini Whipped Cream Dispenser - Premium Cream Whipper 500 ml - Cake Decorati

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Product description

Make Your Desserts Look Impossibly Mouthwatering

Join the Pros

Hey, you know those desserts you keep seeing in fancy restaurants and cafes The ones decorated so

Beautifully youd swear they were photoshopped Well, this premium whipped cream dispenser will give you

The power to create treats just as mouthwatering! Made for professionals and lovers of everything decadent,

It will help you whip up enticingly-beautiful pastries that will be the hit of any occasion. Weve included a

BPA-free cross tip, lotus tip, and plum blossom tip decorating nozzle that easily attaches to the cream whipper

and inspires culinary creativity.

Professional-Grade Quality

Weve set out to make this the last whipped cream dispenser youll ever need to buy by giving it unmatched

Durability. Everything from the body, head, to even the charger holder is made using high quality plastic.

This not only ensures incredible toughness, but also makes the cream whipper comfortably lightweight! So

Even if you have an entire table of desserts waiting to be decorated, you wont experience any of the hand

Fatigue that plagues other dispensers.

Heres why youll love this whipped cream dispenser:

- Ergonomically-shaped body and smooth trigger for easy operation.

- Large capacity of 1 pint (500ml) to avoid constant refills.

- Can be easily rinsed in the sink and comes with a cleaning brush.

- Airtight design keeps unused whipped cream fresh for days in the fridge.

- Beautiful metallic silver finish adds a modern touch to any kitchen.

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