300 Whipped Cream Charger Free dispenser N2o whip it N20 6 x Jk50 1/2pt slv

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Free cream whipper / dispenser!

European Quality


300 whip cream chargers

FREEcream Whipper!

300 Nitrous Oxide N2o Chargers

Standard 8g size6 boxes of 50

Free.25l whipper /dispenser

European only!

Special BLUEis a top-quality brand made exclusively in Europe with the highestgrade N2o -although, it is a food-preparation product. These chargers undergo a very thorough, multi-step cleaning process prior to filling with N2o and sealing.

This makes them one of the purest and cleanest products on the market, easily exceeding both U. S. And E. U. Food grade certification standards.

Made exclusively in Europe

Special Blue chargers are made in the same factory

And on the same equipment as Whip-it(tm) brand

whypay more

Stopgetting "whipped off"

If it weren't true, I couldn't say it!

New in box - Guaranteedquality!


Repeated discharging of N2o chargers may freeze the silicon seal

Surrounding the piercing pin and cause it to crack and leak gas. This

Abuse of product will void the return policy.

Ships from Fl or CA

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You must be at least 18 years of age (21 if you reside in Ohio) to purchase nitrous oxide chargers. By purchasing this product, you are agreeing that you are of required legal age to do so, and that you will not supplyitto anyone under the legal age. You also agree that N2o whip cream chargers will be used only as a food preparation product. Seller, manufacturer, and distributors of this product are not responsible for any bodily harmor property damage as a result of misuse.

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